Allied Electric's PRO-FAB Services offer a full complement of fabrication services to our other construction divisions. These services range from electrical rough-in assemblies, including raceways and underground pvc, lighting assemblies, custom supports and tooling.

PRO-FAB Services offer benefits to our construction process that includes enhanced quality and control, reduced labor and time, and increase safety by performing these tasks in a more controlled and safer environment.

SAFETY - Producing items with PRO-FAB Services enhances the safety of our field personnel by providing an environment that is free from the hazardous situations that may arise on a job site.

LABOR AND TIME SAVINGS - Having key assemblies mass-produced reduces the amount of crew size and total field hours required to perform the project. Labor is also reduced through the efficiency methods and systems used in producing the assemblies.

QUALITY AND CONTROL - We use consistent methods and systems in our controlled environment to create assemblies that are free from defect. Removing the assembly process from the job site also allows supervisors the freedom to focus more attention to the site.