Career Development

Fully committed to providing training, Allied Electric provides extensive job training at all levels. All electrical apprentices are enrolled in a four-year DOL/BAT approved training program through the NCCER. All apprenticeship training is conveniently taught in our on-site training facility by certified Allied Electric instructors.

You'll never hear reports of star athletes or performers achieving success without diligent training, nor will you hear accounts of successful subcontractors who have not been adequately prepared for the work they do. Allied Electric is committed to the success of every project we begin; that's why we are also committed to the training of our employees. Allied Electric invests valuable time and resources toward the professional and technical development of every staff member. By creating a highly qualified team we are better able to meet even the most complex needs of our customers.
NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor

To ensure that our team is properly trained Allied Electric developed its own Apprenticeship Training Program with the NCCER. The program received full accreditation status through the NCCER in 2000 as well as being accredited through the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT). The curriculum used in our program is the NCCER Learning Series (Electrical), which was later adopted by Grand Rapids Community College in their electrical program. All of our instructors are certified through the NCCER and we maintain a master instructor on staff. Apprentices attend the four-year training program at our on-site training center. Our training facility also has a comprehensive lab to offer students hands-on training opportunities.

Employee Benefits

Allied Electric provides a generous benefit package to all employees. Fully-paid medical and dental insurance plans, employer-matched 401K plan, profit sharing plan, paid vacations, paid holidays, and paid training are just a few of the perks offered.

Questions pertaining to employment may be directed to Human Resources