It's been said that no man is an island and the maxim is certainly true when it comes to the prodigious task of design and engineering. The positive power of partnership is demonstrated every time Allied Electric joins a design/build team. Collaborating with the general contractor or construction manager, architect, and building owner, the Allied team brings practical ideas, technical knowledge, and seasoned expertise to the design/build table. At Allied Electric we understand the importance of providing not only design/build solutions that work, but which are also the most cost-effective. Add to that the foresight gained by experience to anticipate potential problems before they can cause delays and increase costs and you have a team member worth his/her weight in gold. Allied Electric has brought its experience and professionalism to design/build projects throughout West Michigan.

Our Design Team

Our design team consists of in-house State of Michigan licensed electrical engineers, a dedicated Building Information Model (BIM) Specialist, and a CAD drafting department. We are also licensed as an Electrical Engineer in several states across the country.


"Uncompromising Performance Quality and Safety." It's one thing to claim this, another thing to demonstrate it day in and day out, year after year. As one of the oldest and largest electrical contractors in West Michigan, Allied Electric has a record that speaks for itself. Our list of completed projects and satisfied customers stretches down the page and across the decades. Whether a project is large or small, sophisticated or routine, it merits the attention of experienced, educated, qualified electricians and that's what Allied Electric provides. From preconstruction through completion, our expert project management team will keep your project on schedule and on budget. You can count on the experience and professionalism of Allied Electric. Many others have, and the product of their trust is evident in our ever growing portfolio of successful projects we have partnered with.